20. April 2014

Webpack, crazy commonjs / amd bundler


Requirejs was good, and still is, but as more time spend coding in the backend, the node require becomes a habit, and will start to get tired with AMD everytime you create a new file.

Than came along browserify, a lot of developers have moved over to it. But browserify does not offer code spliting like reuqirejs does… as well as other little candies like css loader and so on.

I don’t want to load the whole app in just one big file, some one page application these days can go over 1mb for just the .js files. Webpack come to the rescue.


17. April 2014

Grunt multiple project with one process

Unlike traditional web development, for ease of upgrade and scalibility, today’s medium to large web application are broken down to smaller projects.

So how do we use just one grunt command to automate server, watch, and debugging.


16. April 2014

Having fun with Docker


Recently clean installed my mac, but there is still some issues with my graphic card, probably the logic board :(

… well too expensive to fix it if it is.